Tuesday, May 1, 2012

25 weeks down, 11 to go!

I'm 2/3's the way done!!!  Crazy!  The last 2 months have really flown by.  I have an ultrasound every two weeks to double check the girls growth and to make sure that I'm gaining weight.  So far, we're good in both those categories.  The girls are over 1 1/2 lbs each, and I'm finally gaining enough to weight that the doctors are backing off a little.  They want to see more weight gain on my end... which I don't understand, but if it means that the girls are healthy, then BRING ON THE PROTEIN AND CALORIES!!!  I really don't mind eating meat, I just have a hard time preparing while prego... it grosses me out more than normal, and then I have a hard time eating it thinking about what it looked like prior to cooking... and Brandon doesn't really cook, so it's a bit of a dilema.  But I drink a protein shake a day and that seems to help.  And as far as calories, lol, I try to eat as healthy as I can in order to reach the caloric intake necessary... but sometimes I have to throw in a candy bar or some ice cream in order to make it.  I'm not complaining =)

Asa is getting more and more helpful, which is great, because I'm becoming more and more in need of it.  Emmett, unfortunately, just hit that "I want Mommy all the time" phase.  I was kind of hoping he'd skip right through it, but alas, it's here, and it's not a good time for it.  He wants to be held ALL the time.  I don't let him get his way, mainly because I need him to continue on as normal, but also because if I hold him for too long I get way too exhausted and have to rest more frequently.  We seem to have found a happy medium of sitting on the floor together with him on my lap, that way he can still get up and get a toy and I'll still be there when he comes back.  Asa is really great about snuggling with me after Emmy goes to bed, and likes to rub my tummy (or as he says it "my sisters").  He is such a darling about it, and I keep reminding him that they are going to be really tiny when they come, and he's going to have to be SUPER gentle.  He seems to understand.  Which is wonderful, because I'm nervous that Emmett is going to kill them.  He's such a brut these days.  150% boy.  I think the hardest part so far is wanting to spend extra time with each of them before the girls come, but there are so many projects still to get done.

Brandon's parents and my parents have been AWESOME in helping us get ready.  As well as ALL of our siblings.  Everyone has done such a great job pitching in where we need them or the help.  We now have a double stroller specifically for the twins, as well as their carseats and bases.  We have a ton of clothes (thank you to EVERYONE that has given us clothes, it's a HUGE blessing!).  The basement has been cleaned and organized, we've had 2 yard sales to try and get rid of stuff, we've been to Goodwill on several occasions to donate items, our house has been cleaned several times, our boys get plenty of attention, we've been doing the Dave Ramsey thing for a few months and are making some headway on our debt, and Brandon and I have even been on a few dates and been able to stay out late at hang outs or after church.  And that's just in the last 2 months!!!  There's still a whole bunch more blessings coming our way!  Brandon's mom and my mom are both throwing us baby showers (yay!), my mom has organized a huge cleaning party weekend while we're at the baby shower in Dyersville (special thanks to EVERYONE on that crew... it means so much to us that you're willing to sacrifice your weekend and sanity to clean and organize the rest of my house!), my sister is letting me drop of more stuff to be sold a garage sale that she hasn't even planned yet (super blessing to have the boxes and totes out of my house early), that same sister is donating bunk beds for the boys new room, and I feel like I'm still leaving things out!  God has been so good about answering prayers, and even answering things that we haven't thought about praying for!  It's been amazing!

I can't express how much Brandon and I's love for the Lord has grown over that last few months.  The twins were completely unexpected, but we can already see the plans he has in store for our family.  We're so RIDICULOUSLY thankful for everything that everyone has done for us.  We don't even know where to start with thanking you all.

We're really started to get excited about life with the girls, and how our family will change over the next few years.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and for thinking of us!  We love you all.

Thank you for reading my rambling blog!!!!  We're so thankful for all of you out there!  Below is a prayer list if you would like to pray for our family along with us.

Prayer List:

The girls' continued growth.  That they would remain healthy and within 25% of each others body weight.
No bed rest for Molly.
That Molly and the girls would make it to 36 weeks gestation without problems.
Safe and healthy delivery.
No C-section.  Molly's fear over such a surgery.
Grace with Brandon's work schedule as we get closer to the due date.  That his work would be understanding and keep him within 4 hours drive time at all times.
Insurance.  They Brandon would be granted Paternity Leave, or Short Term Disabiltiy for 2 weeks or more.
Our Finances.  That we would be faithful to our budget and continue with the Dave Ramsey program.  That we would trust the Lord that he will always provide.
Nursing.  That the girls would be good at nursing and that we can avoid formula.
Asa and Emmett.  That they would be loving and good brothers during this time of change.
Provision from the Lord.  There are still things that we need that we're not sure if we'll receive from baby showers, but prayer that the Lord would provide such things.
Our hearts as parents.  Parenting is difficult with 2 kids, and we can't imagine 4!  But prayer that we will always stay true to God's word throughout all of lifes difficulties.