Monday, June 4, 2012

Our day today

I thought I'd post the pictures first, because they're a lot more fun. 

Today, at our mom's memorization group, we recited 2/3 of the chapter we are currently working on.  This is a huge thing for me.  I'm horrible at memorizing.  I'm great at remember verses that really stick out to me, but a passage of scripture just because... that's too hard.  I'm really excited about getting to the end of the chapter and being able to recall it later from memory when the Lord needs me to.  2 Corinthians 4.  It's a good one to know!

But alas, I didn't sleep well last night so 6am was too early for me, and it set the tone for the day =(.  I feel like a hit a wall.  I was doing fine, and then all of a sudden yesterday and this morning I was SOOO exhausted.  Emmett decided 530am would be a great time to wake up too... but luckily I got him back in bed.  Asa got up at 630am, so there was no going back to bed for me at memo group.

They did have fun playing with each other though, and that's the 1st picture up above.  They were giggle boxes.  But me... I couldn't help but be grumpy.  Coffee didn't help either.  My poor boys, they just didn't need me to be in a bad mood, but I was =(  I felt like just a bad mommy... until Kathy texted me and saved the day.  "Splash Park" were the only words I needed to see.

I got the boys ready and a snack packed and got out the door.  We were at the splash park by 10am.  And it was a perfect day for it.  Emmett took a little while to get comfortable with the water, and Asa enjoyed it right away.  Quite a few of our friends were there, too, so it was great for my babes to spend some time away from me, and for me to get some more mom time in.  Once Emmett warmed up the water, there was no stopping the two of them, they LOVED it.  They love water anyway, lol. 

We left at lunch time, and I splurged and got McD's for Asa and I, Emmett was already passed out in the back seat.  This set the tone for the rest of the day.

Asa and I ate lunch, and then we ALL laid down.  Both boys napped for 3 hours, I did a QT and then napped for 2 hours.  When we all woke up, we were all in good moods.  We watched a movie, ate dinner, and then played outside.

Then bedtime came.  Emmett didn't want to lay down, but he did after about 20 minutes of fussing and hitting his window while I watered my garden and plants.  Asa went down easy.  And I finished my last load of laundry!  My mom and mom-in-law would be so proud =).

Then I thought I'd take a 30 week photo (see above), because quite a few moms at the splash park asked how far along I was and that I was "about ready to pop!", lol.  I suppose I do look big, but I have a reason =).  And since the day ended up 100% better than it started, I thought I'd have a nice late night snack, Brownies and Milk (see above).


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26, 27, 28, 29....

Holy Smokes, I need to remember to post more often!

Today, I am 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant with the Twins!  I had a great OB appointment yesterday (Thank you Jenny for watching the boys!), where we started to discuss what the next 6 weeks will look like.  I have 3 ultrasounds lined up, another OB appointment, a NST (non stress test), and I hope Brandon will be able to be present for at least one of those.  At the next OB appointment we'll create our birthing plan, which I pray won't be a C-section.  They also told me the "minimums" that the girls can be in order to come home.  34 weeks & 5 lbs.  NO LESS.  Any less that either of those numbers, and they're in the NICU for at least 3 days.  I was really pleased with this last visit with Dr. Lehman, because I feel like we got some big answers to questions, and now we can SPECIFICALLY pray for things.

The girls finally have names!  You can thank my brother for that =)  I'm a huge stickler about names, and don't like to double up as much as I can.  As you can imagine, that's quite difficult with a large family and so many friends have babies.  To make matters worse, Brandon and I never agree on things of this nature to begin with.  So we found nicknames that we both liked, and waited to hear the name of our baby niece... who was born 2 weeks ago.  Her name is Nora, which I LOVE!!!! but there's a Nora already at the church, so it was off our list... but I'm THRILLED that I have a niece with that name!  We're not technically keeping our names secret, now that we've agreed, but I always get nervous that someone else will have a girl before ours and one of the names will be taken... which will send me back to the drawing board because of my very strange OCDness about doubling up names.

Emmett is more and more wild.  I've come to the conclusion that he will never half-heartedly do anything.  When he does something, it's with 110%.  There's always a new bruise or bloody lip or scraped knee, but a HUGE smile to go with!  He's definitely a brut, and lives up to his name (which means energetic/strength).  Here's my little blue eyed boy....

He just keeps growing up!  And he always wants to do what big brother is doing, which gets in into a LOT of trouble.

Speaking of big brother! Asa is so sweet! And handsome, and intelligent, and I can never get enough of this kid! We took him to the Omaha Zoo recently, and he knew the names of sooooo many animals without us having to tell him. And it wasn't just like "look, mom, a parrot!", oh no, it was "Mom!!! A Scarlet Macaw!" I mean really, this kid is in a league of his own! He never stops learning, and I absolutely love that quality about him. Here he is being the sweet goofball that I love...

A Special Thank you to Jenny Schreiner who let us come to the zoo with her, Owen and Eden, Owen who sweetly took pictures with Asa, Graham Gardner who took so super cute family pics, and the Lord who blessed me greatly with these two little boys!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

25 weeks down, 11 to go!

I'm 2/3's the way done!!!  Crazy!  The last 2 months have really flown by.  I have an ultrasound every two weeks to double check the girls growth and to make sure that I'm gaining weight.  So far, we're good in both those categories.  The girls are over 1 1/2 lbs each, and I'm finally gaining enough to weight that the doctors are backing off a little.  They want to see more weight gain on my end... which I don't understand, but if it means that the girls are healthy, then BRING ON THE PROTEIN AND CALORIES!!!  I really don't mind eating meat, I just have a hard time preparing while prego... it grosses me out more than normal, and then I have a hard time eating it thinking about what it looked like prior to cooking... and Brandon doesn't really cook, so it's a bit of a dilema.  But I drink a protein shake a day and that seems to help.  And as far as calories, lol, I try to eat as healthy as I can in order to reach the caloric intake necessary... but sometimes I have to throw in a candy bar or some ice cream in order to make it.  I'm not complaining =)

Asa is getting more and more helpful, which is great, because I'm becoming more and more in need of it.  Emmett, unfortunately, just hit that "I want Mommy all the time" phase.  I was kind of hoping he'd skip right through it, but alas, it's here, and it's not a good time for it.  He wants to be held ALL the time.  I don't let him get his way, mainly because I need him to continue on as normal, but also because if I hold him for too long I get way too exhausted and have to rest more frequently.  We seem to have found a happy medium of sitting on the floor together with him on my lap, that way he can still get up and get a toy and I'll still be there when he comes back.  Asa is really great about snuggling with me after Emmy goes to bed, and likes to rub my tummy (or as he says it "my sisters").  He is such a darling about it, and I keep reminding him that they are going to be really tiny when they come, and he's going to have to be SUPER gentle.  He seems to understand.  Which is wonderful, because I'm nervous that Emmett is going to kill them.  He's such a brut these days.  150% boy.  I think the hardest part so far is wanting to spend extra time with each of them before the girls come, but there are so many projects still to get done.

Brandon's parents and my parents have been AWESOME in helping us get ready.  As well as ALL of our siblings.  Everyone has done such a great job pitching in where we need them or the help.  We now have a double stroller specifically for the twins, as well as their carseats and bases.  We have a ton of clothes (thank you to EVERYONE that has given us clothes, it's a HUGE blessing!).  The basement has been cleaned and organized, we've had 2 yard sales to try and get rid of stuff, we've been to Goodwill on several occasions to donate items, our house has been cleaned several times, our boys get plenty of attention, we've been doing the Dave Ramsey thing for a few months and are making some headway on our debt, and Brandon and I have even been on a few dates and been able to stay out late at hang outs or after church.  And that's just in the last 2 months!!!  There's still a whole bunch more blessings coming our way!  Brandon's mom and my mom are both throwing us baby showers (yay!), my mom has organized a huge cleaning party weekend while we're at the baby shower in Dyersville (special thanks to EVERYONE on that crew... it means so much to us that you're willing to sacrifice your weekend and sanity to clean and organize the rest of my house!), my sister is letting me drop of more stuff to be sold a garage sale that she hasn't even planned yet (super blessing to have the boxes and totes out of my house early), that same sister is donating bunk beds for the boys new room, and I feel like I'm still leaving things out!  God has been so good about answering prayers, and even answering things that we haven't thought about praying for!  It's been amazing!

I can't express how much Brandon and I's love for the Lord has grown over that last few months.  The twins were completely unexpected, but we can already see the plans he has in store for our family.  We're so RIDICULOUSLY thankful for everything that everyone has done for us.  We don't even know where to start with thanking you all.

We're really started to get excited about life with the girls, and how our family will change over the next few years.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and for thinking of us!  We love you all.

Thank you for reading my rambling blog!!!!  We're so thankful for all of you out there!  Below is a prayer list if you would like to pray for our family along with us.

Prayer List:

The girls' continued growth.  That they would remain healthy and within 25% of each others body weight.
No bed rest for Molly.
That Molly and the girls would make it to 36 weeks gestation without problems.
Safe and healthy delivery.
No C-section.  Molly's fear over such a surgery.
Grace with Brandon's work schedule as we get closer to the due date.  That his work would be understanding and keep him within 4 hours drive time at all times.
Insurance.  They Brandon would be granted Paternity Leave, or Short Term Disabiltiy for 2 weeks or more.
Our Finances.  That we would be faithful to our budget and continue with the Dave Ramsey program.  That we would trust the Lord that he will always provide.
Nursing.  That the girls would be good at nursing and that we can avoid formula.
Asa and Emmett.  That they would be loving and good brothers during this time of change.
Provision from the Lord.  There are still things that we need that we're not sure if we'll receive from baby showers, but prayer that the Lord would provide such things.
Our hearts as parents.  Parenting is difficult with 2 kids, and we can't imagine 4!  But prayer that we will always stay true to God's word throughout all of lifes difficulties.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Take a look at that picture... Is he not the best?  He is pretty stinking amazing if you ask me =)

He got to be in a Hy-Vee ad recently, and I just absolutely love a few of the pictures we were able to get from them.  Above is by far my favorite, I think it says a lot about Asa.

I wasn't planning on writing a blog this Easter evening.  Even though my family had a wonderful weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior, I still wasn't planning on writing anything.

But, as I sit here and wait for my brain to turn off thinking about this week, one thought keeps popping up... "I'm so blessed to have Asa".

God has had me thinking a lot lately about His will and how it has affected my life, how it has affected others lives, and what is in store for the future.  As Brandon and I were about to pray last night before bed, I told him that even though I'm super confused about what God wants from us... me... right now, I do know that I've seen His will in action in my life before, and it's something worth trusting.

Almost 5 1/2 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with Asa, and my life has never been the same.  I keep thinking about how my life was before that moment in a Wal-Mart bathroom as my sister tried to console me.  I was a drunk, I dabbled in drugs, I was completely impure, Selfish, Rude, Hateful, Proud, you name the sin, I'm sure I committed it or something close to.  And when I really think about it, there's was no reason for a baby to find it's way into my womb and survive.  I wasn't completely opposed to abortion at the time, and with my lifestyle, I'm surprised my body didn't miscarry.  I kept hoping it was a mistake, and that I would miscarry.  I was too chicken to go through with an abortion (I think that was God).  So, that was that.... a child was to be born.  And a child was going to need to grow up.  God had been so faithful to so many peoples prayers that I was completely unaware of, and softened my heart in the knick of time.  I found my way to Ruth Harbor, then to Walnut Creek, and then God put very key people in my life.  ALL OF THIS WAS HIS WILL.  Asa was HIS WILL for me.  Living at Ruth Harbor was His will for me.  ALL OF IT!

Why?  That I'll have to wait ask until Heaven.  Because I'm sure there's way more to that than I'll ever know.

But, I can tell you, that lately, when I look at my son, Asa, all I see is God in motion.  I see how God took a life so hideous, and wiped it clean (Thanks to Jesus) and made it precious to Him.  I watch as Asa grows more and more into a man of God, and I can't help but Thank the Lord that he's not dead due to abortion or miscarry, but that God hugged me and held me so tight to let me know He was near the whole time.

I'm not writing this to be proud, or to boast, but to express how thankful I am for the Lord in my life, and how he blessed me with one awesome kid.  Asa is smart, sweet, kind, loving, funny, handsome, respectful, helpful, obediant, and his curiousity about God reminds me that I need to have a childlike faith as well.  I love when he snuggles with me, and I love how God refines me through him.

I love Emmett just as much as I love Asa.  But Asa is one of the things God used to change this sinners heart, and I can't help but feel a special bond there, one that helps me feel that much closer to God.

So, Lord, here I am, trusting your will for me and my family.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

15 Months went waaaay to fast!

Emmett is officially 15 months old! 

It has been a really fun 15 months having Emmett as baby brother in our family.  Most of my readers know that Emmett has always been our rambuncious little peanut.  He was an early crawler, an early walker, and apparently now and early climber and jumper (he's been climing and jumping the past few months).  He is such a blessing to our little family.  Asa loves to have a little brother follow him around and copy what he does (most of the time), and Asa does such a great job playing with him and teaching him how to things like blow bubbles in the tub, or dunk your corndog in ketchup, or talking funny into a fan.

Emmett is finally out of the 10-15% range for weight and height, and is now in the 35-40%!  This makes us super happy.  He EATS ALL THE TIME!  I can't stop this kid from eating or muching or snacking!  He'll eat anything you put in front of him... except maybe lettuce... but everything else =)

He's really starting to point things out and try to make noises that sound similar to what we're saying, but not really any words yet.  I asked the doctor if this was normal (he only says 3 or 4 words), and he says when a kid has an older sibling, they tend to let that older sibling do all the talking, BUT they want to be where that sibling is all the time, hence the excelled motor skills.  I think this very much describes our boys!

I asked Brandon what his favorite memory of Emmett was, he said he loves how he won't just do a simple thing (like go down the slide), he always has to do it in a crazy way (try as hard as he can to climb up the slide in order to go down).  Also, there was one night where we were sitting on the couch after Emmett had gone to bed, and we hear a bottle hitting something... we peek through the door, and Emmett is running his bottle back and forth across the bars like he's in jail.  We got a good laugh in that night.  Brandon also said how Emmett chases the cat.  The cat will let this happen, always staying just enough ahead of Emmy.

It's hard to believe that it's already been 15 months, but again, we are so happy to have so many wonderful memories of our little boys.  Here are some fun pictures of our little peanut =)

Friday, March 16, 2012

One Sweet Birthday =)

So, I'm only a few hours into my 27th birthday, but already, it's been so sweet!

I've had more than enough friends and family wish me a happy birthday.  So nice to know that I'm loved by more than just God!

Brandon got me a giftcard to Starbucks, a place I barely go to now that I'm pregnant with the twins, and especially since we decreased spending in that area =)  Needless to say, I was SOOOO happy by this =)  I love to have anything caramel from them on ice (so good during the summer... or this summer like spring we have)!

Asa is spending the day at his Grandma Sharleen's, but was sweet enough to send me a picture of his making me a card, and promising me one his delicious cakes later!

AND!!!  We got to have another ultrasound to measure the twins, and this time, we did get profile pictures of our sweet little girls!  The entire time, they were facing each other and it looked like they were kicking and hitting each other, we got a good laugh at this.  Funny to see how they interact already and they haven't even been born yet!  The Perinatal doctor is very pleased with their growth over the last 2 weeks, and told me to keep up the good work =)  Praise God for his amazing creations, and his love for my unborn children!

18 weeks 5 days

Meet Twin A

And Twin B

Sisters who already love and fight with each other =)

Another sweet thing that happened today on my birthday... Brandon is vacuuming the rugs, and changing Emmett's diaper while he waits for me to finish this post.... Goodness I love my man =)

I am so thankful for my 27th birthday.  5 years ago today, I made Lasagne for the first time ever, and had just moved into Ruth Harbor while pregnant with Asa.  DTC had just started!  I'm amazed at how the Lord has changed my life over the last 5 years and how he has provided me with the most amazing church/friends/family/support system/husband/children!  I have more than enough to be thankful for for the rest of my life!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost 17 weeks, and The Twins are....

I know a lot of you have been waiting all day for this news...  But first.

If you follow me on facebook, I apologize for the VERY long wait.  I really needed to connect with all my family before spilling the beans, and it was hard to get in touch with some family (my brother and family are driving through that nasty weather happening in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and such, and my Mom is in Mexico on vacation).  Then!!!  Brandon had the diaper bag which had all the pictures and so I couldn't do the blog, and I had to work for a few hours this afternoon, lol.  All in all, it's been a WILD day!

So... The pictures we got this time weren't all that great,... informative, but not great.  They aren't that fun to look at, unless you know what your actually looking at...

So,.... here are the results of the ultrasound....

The babies are IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

15 weeks and couting!

Holy Smokes.  I didn't know that 15 weeks pregnant with twins would change my life as much as it already has!

What life is like being 15 weeks pregnant with twins:  Everything takes more time.  I get physically exhausted quicker than I thought I would, so I sit down a lot while I'm getting ready.  Or I sit down on the floor to get Emmett ready instead of standing at the changing table.  I eat more... so that always takes up time =)

What I wasn't expecting:  the amazing amount of JOY I feel while in prayer with the Lord about expeanding my family.  the overwhelming amount of anxiety I feel when thinking about what life will be like when the twins come home.  the funny things Asa says when he speaks about the babies (He's hoping for brothers).  Losing 16 lbs!

I was able to meet my new OB today, Dr. Erin Lehman from Lakeview Medical.  Even though I went through the midwives, she was the one who delivered Emmett, so I was pretty excited when the midwives HIGHLY recommended her.  She is so sweet, and was very patient with me and my boys, and the millions of questions I had for her.

There are still a lot of questions unanswered, like "will I develope gestational diabetes?" "will I develope preeclampsia?" "will I have to go on bed rest?".  But there are a lot of questions that were answered.  "When will I deliver?" (Before July 16th) "Is there anything I need to worry about when it comes to my twins?" (Twin to Twin Transfer syndrome... but really nothing, as long as I stay healthy and take care of myself)  "Are they Identical?" (70% chance).  ETC.

I'm really excited because I get an ultrasound next Friday, March 2nd, and I'll be able to (most-likely) find out the genders of the babies.  I'll also be able to narrow down a more exact due date (40 weeks right now is somewhere between Aug 5th and Aug 12th).  I'll be able to see them is what I'm most excited about.  I want to see how they've grown.  I have Mono-Di twins, which means they share a placenta, but have seperate sacs to grow in, so, there could be a size difference, which will tell us what the next step is.

Here's my belly  ( you'll get pictures of the twins next week...)   =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My 11 Week Baby Bump!

Yay for Baby Bumps!  Pay close Attention to what you're looking at folks!

11 weeks already!
Look at that cutie!  It's almost like he/she is waving =)
Apparently, it's waving at this one ;)
Now believe me, I WAS SURPRISED!!!!!  Completely unexpected, but completely loved already!  Praise God for TWO very healthy babies!

We'll find out more at our next OB appointment, but what we do know for now, is that God is changing our lives drastically this year, lol!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Little Family Christmas

So this is only close to a month late, but I was finally able to get the pictures off my camera and onto my laptop.

This year for Christmas, Brandon and I both knew going into it, money was going to be a little tight.

But that didn't stop Brandon from surprising me at Thanksgiving with tickets to go see Wicked =)

We were also suppose to go to Spaghetti Works for dinner, but we had a hard time getting the boys settled at Grandma and Grandad's house.  But that still didn't stop Brandon from getting me my favorite fast food, Taco Johns!  Lol, we ended having such a great night, and we laughed a lot, and even ran into our friends, Ashley and Aubrey!  I love to go on dates like this with B, but it was a little expensive, and I would hope that he doesn't spend that much on every date =)

The next weekend (December 3rd & 4th), we travelled up to the farm to have Christmas with Brandons family.  It was a great weekend!  The girls (Janell, Jessi, Tracy, and Me) went out for a spa day, which included a pedicure and hot stone massage.  This was a my first hot stone massage, and I was not dissappointed.  I haven't felt that relaxed since my honeymoon!  We then got some lunch at Red Robin, which was great, lots of laughs with my in laws. 
After we got home, we cooked and had dinner, and then played BINGO!  Now, I play Bingo with my dad's side every year, and I'm kind of proud of myself for letting it rub on of the Deutmeyers =)  It was an interesting night to say the least.  Let's just say there was a "Cool Table" by the end of the night, and I was at it, lol.
The next morning, after chores, we got to open presents.  My boys have never been so spoiled!  I would show you pictures, but my camera battery was dead =(  Overall, we were greatly blessed by Brandon's family, so many wonderful gifts!  We had a hard time getting it all packed up in the van, and the boys have enough new toys to last them until next Christmas!

The following weekend (December 9th, 10th & 11th) was my Dad's "Thanksgiving" Game Night/ Art Auction, and Bake day with my sisters and mom.  This was a very eventful weekend, considering Brandon and I had just found out we were expecting Baby #3, and I was feeling the best... we ended up telling my side of the family.  We enjoyed the game night, and the Cousin Art Auction was a success!

Emmett made a Penguin with his foot =)
Asa worked really hard on this for a week =)
Both of my boys pieces of art were ideas off Pinterest, and both raised a lot of money!
Every year we do the Cousin Art Auction.  Each cousin is responsible for donating a work of art, and then we auction them off.  The money made is pooled all together, and divided evenly amongst all the cousins, and then at the end of the night, they draw names for the Cousin Secret Santa.  It's been a really fun tradition that started a few years ago, and we love to keep it going.

Then came Bake Day!  A tradition among the ladies in my family.  My mom gets all the ingredients, and "has" all the recipes, and we start really early, and finish really late.  But we make some really great goodies!  I had my first round of queasiness at lunch time with someone brought out Mayo for our burgers.... It went away pretty quick once they put the lid back on, lol.  Last year during bake day, I was giving birth, which is the only excuse to get out of bake day. 

The following weekend (December 17th & 18th) was Emmett's Birthday weekend!  It was such a fast year!  I'll do a seperate post on that!

The next weekend was officially CHRISTMAS!  My FAVORITE HOLIDAY!  Friday night was the Christmas Eve service at the DTC, and Brandon and I really enjoyed it.  Something about singing songs about Christ's birth really make me happy.  The next morning we got up with our boys and had our friend, Tabatha, join us for breakfast.  Then we opened presents!!!

I GOT A SKILLET!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Tabatha!

After our little family Christmas was over, we had Christmas dinner at my mom's.  My mom made Turkey with all the fixings, so so so so good!  As tradition, we read the story of Jesus' birth by candle light and then sang Silent Night.  Such a great tradition that really brings the true meaning of Christmas to light.  Then we opened PRESENTS!  Lol, Asa got a cowboy set, with amazing boots, hat and pistols.  It's his favorite toy!

Then came Faithwalkers.  I look forward to Faithwalkers every year.  But this year was very different.  We took both boys this year... and Brandon got called into work... and couldn't come until after dinner the 2nd to last night.  I still had a great time fellowshipping with friends while we were there, and it's so encouraging to hear what God is teaching other people.  But for next year, we might skip Faithwalkers, and have a mini one at our house instead.  We'll see how this year pans out with the new baby coming in August.

After Faithwalkers, was my dad's Christmas.  When it comes to my dad's Christmas, it's all about tradition.  And my tradition, I mean Bingo.  This was our 19th year of playing Bingo.  There were over 50 prizes.  And I'm really proud of Asa for bringing home one of the Kids Grand Prizes (FIRST PLACE BABY!).  But really, it's so much fun, and we all have our Bingo sayings "Don't stop B-11, Hold on to the Feeling" "I-20... You wish!"  etc.  This year there was a trophy to be handed out to the person who could come up with a new and orignal Bingo saying.  The trophy went to Val with "B-6y and I know it" (a take off of LMFAO "Sexy and I know it").  She had a lot of great ones this year, so I just couldn't compete.  So much fun, and I really look forward to next years 20th Bingo!!!!!!!  My dad is planning something really awesome, and I can't wait!

The next day was New Years =)  Brandon and I's 2nd Anniversary.  It's been a really fun 2 years, and I'm so happy the Lord brought Brandon into Asa and I's life.  I'm excited for the next 60some years.  We were going to go to 801 Chophouse, but with my morning sickness, I didn't feel like ruining the memory, so we went to HuHot instead, and saw a movie.  It was a fun, relaxing evening with my wonderful hubby =)

So, that's our "little" family Christmas!  God bless!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spending Time at the Farm

**The Next few blogs may not be in order**

As many of you know, Brandon grew up on a dairy farm in northeast Iowa.  Good ol' Dyersville.  The boys love to go and spend time there with Granpa Terry and Granma Nellie, so we try and visit every other month or so.  Here are some pictures from our trip there a few months ago (during harvest time).
There's a new Wind Farm a few miles from where Brandon's parents live, so Brandon and I went to see the windmills.

They are SOOOO BIG!

Emmett sits in his hairchair most of the time at the farm, but only because he eats so much while we're there =)

This is what he's doing the other half of the time =)

Asa is always building something.

We went to the Aquarium while we were up there, and the boys LOVED it!

Asa riding in the combine, he had so much fun!

What a little ham =)

Emmett and cousin Paolie

My boys love to wrestle, here's a small taste =)

Well that's all for now =)  We'll be visiting the farm in a few weeks again, and hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera!