Monday, April 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

There's always a few signs in our home that spring is in the air. 

1.)  Easter.  We love Easter at our house.  We love talking about how much our Lord loved us and how he showed it to us over 2,000 years ago.  We also love egghunts, Easter baskets, and time with family.  While I didn't get copies of the pictures taken from our family get together, I did get this cute one of our daughters playing with their bunnies they received from Grandma and Grandad Sprague.

2.) Spring Cleaning/ Garage Sale.  Most of you probably know that I don't have a passion for cleaning, but rather an organized mess approach.  Me and kids would much rather be palying than cleaning.  But even I couldn't help but get in the cleaning mood with the nice weather (WINDOWS OPEN!).  So, we've been cleaning machines over here.  And while the house still looks like a tornado hit it several times over, it's getting there, and our piles for the upcoming garage sale (April 5th and 6th) are growing!  Check them out!  So many clothes!  So many toys!  Still so much more to come!

3.) A Clean Porch!  We don't have a 4 seasons porch, so during the winter, once a week, we switch out toys with toy tubs already on the porch, and play inside.  Well, it's SPRING!  No more winter toy tubs!  Thus, a nice clean, organized (soon to be unorganized =) ) porch.  Asa was quick to help me get this done and ready.  He loves being the big helper around the house, and yesterday was the perfect day to do this.

Play dates here we come!

4.) Family days spent outside.  I SOOOOO wish I would've had my camera with me yesterday when we went out, but I was so busy and excited that I forgot to grab it on my way out.  We went to Grays Lake (a favorite place of mine).  We played at the playground, flew a kite, enjoyed some snacks, pet a bunny, and played some more.  It was so wonderful, and I was so happy to get out of the house!

Sorry about the absence of the blog.  As you can expect, life with 4 (and 3 under 3) is busy, I hope to get caught up soon =)  Thanks for the grace!