Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Brother & a New Haircut

Baby Brother continues to grow inside Mom's belly.  Big Brother, Asa, has been noticing that my belly moves when I say "Baby Brothers Awake".  This has prompted him to talk to Baby Brother and look at him through my belly button, as well as "play" with him.  Asa will go and get a toy and roll it around on my belly so that Baby Brother can play with toys, too.  It's actually really sweet and funny.
Anyway, we are in the process of helping Asa become the Big Brother he needs to be for when Baby Brother finally gets here.  He's been potty training, cleaning his room, helping Mommy cook meals, helping sweep the floors, helping with laundry (which is more of a hinderance, lol), AND he had to get a big boy haircut!  Here are some before and after pictures =)

What a hamball =)  Thank you Ashley Harvey for cutting Asa's hair!  He looks like such a big boy now!

Well, as we continue to prepare for Baby Brother's arrival, I find that there's more and more to do... but I get more and more tired each day.  I could really use some help, but honestly, I may just end up putting it off until after he's born when I'm home all the time and am not carrying around so much extra wait =)

Here's a picture I took last week (36 weeks) of my belly.  I had realized that I hadn't taken any... so... here's the first, lol, and I'm sure I'll post another one next week =)  37 down, 3 to go!

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween!  But only because I love trick or treating with Asa =)

Asa got to be Elmo and a Penguin this year.  He went trick or treating at Valley West Mall as Elmo, went to church "Halleluja" Party as a penguin (so did Brandon, it was awesome!), and then went trick or treating at Grandma Sharleen's as Elmo again.

Asa loves trick or treating, but I don't think it's because of the candy.  The candy is the perk.  He loves seeing all the other kids and their costumes, and he's so good about letting them go first, and saying thank you to the people at the doors.

Here are a few pictures of him as Elmo =)


I'm so excited!  One of my closest friends just came home from a tour in Iraq.  Welcome Home Heather!  Oh, how we all missed you so much!

At the welcome home ceremony, a little less than half the people there, were there for Heather =)  That says a lot!  We had a huge banner for her :

It was simply wonderful!
As the troops walked in, Heather was one of the first, and I could see her face light up as soon as she saw the banner =)  That's what made me cry!  Seeing her beautiful smile for the first time in a year =)
I'm happy that the ceremony wasn't very long, because then we all got a chance to hug her and welcome her home.

Here's a picture of most of the group that was there, I couldn't get everyone in the pictures because 1) there were SO many of us, and 2) there were pillars and such in the way... but trust me! a lot of people came =)

After the ceremony, Heather (like always) invited people over to her house.  She's such a servant =)  Her whole family was there, and a lot of us friends went over, too.  It was great to be able to see her for more than just a few minutes, we got to spend the whole afternoon with her.  I think the best part was that she had so many questions for us!  We couldn't get a chance to ask her anything because she was asking question and question to get caught up =)  How I love her heart!