Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fenugreek.... More to it than meets the eye

Okay, so Emmett has been eating a ton, and I can't seem to stay caught up.  So I asked lots of mom's and the consensus was Fenugreek.

I bought some and as I was pumping one night, I read the warning lable: Not for pregnant or nursing mothers.

That's interesting.... so I googled it, as I do with most things.

I stumbled across this website .

Not only did it ease my fear of taking fenugreek while nursing... but it supplied me with some very interested uses.

I suggest reading the section titled : Little known uses

So, for all you mom's out there, Fenugreek is great if you need help amping your milk supply..... and for all you wives out there... I don't think your husband is going to mind you taking this supplement either ;)

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