Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Unpacking is waaaaaaaaaay harder with kids.  I've come to realize this as we moved into our new house.  Don't worry!  We have liveable space and I've unpacked all the super important stuff.  But it's almost impossible to do much else unless Brandon takes the boys out for a little while and leaves me home to do it myself.  And even then, some of the boxed as more heavy than they look.

Here are some pictures of the boys enjoying the new place:  **ps, my camera is dead, so these are from my phone, sorry about the quality**

Goodness I love them =)

Oh!  AND!  Asa had his 4 year check up not too long ago and Emmett had his 9 month check up, too.
Asa is in in the 70% for weight, and 45% for height (didn't know we had a chunker?  but he is pretty solid), and Dr. Dave says he's the best 4 year old he knows.
Emmett is apparently our little peanut!  He's only 24in tall, putting him in at 12% for height, and was 17lb 7oz, which was 8% for weight!  Crazy!  I thought for sure it'd be higher!  The doctor thinks it's because he's so gosh darn active.  Either way, Dr. Dave isn't concerned because Emmett is very porpotionate.

Here are some Baby vs. Present day photos of both the boys, Enjoy!

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  1. well its official, Kayla at four months old is a inch and a half taller than nine month old Emmett