Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Laundry and Dishes and Floors! Oh My!

Alright. I'm about to lay some truth on all of you. I suggest you grab a paper bag to breathe in and sit down.

Check out this picture.


**GASP!** I know. It's bad. Want to know something? This is actually an improvement!
The good news is that it's all clean laundry. The bad news is that it won't fold and put itself away no matter how many Accio, Evanesce, or Mobiliarbus spells I try (see Harry Potter).

If I'm honest, I don't like cleaning. I don't organizing. But, I also don't like messes or losing things. My daily life is a conundrum

We are a busy family. We have church and AWANA and sports and school and piano and reading and play dates and the list goes on. The last thing I want to do is add to the list of things.

Some really awesome moms in my life gave me the following signs/canvases for my home and they are my encouragement.

Being a good mom doesn't mean having a clean house. Being a good mom is all about loving your kids and teaching them truth. I want my kids to know that they are wanted and loved and like they can take on the world. And they do. Our home is filled with loud noises, warmth and comfort, silliness, and fun. You may need a tetanus shot when you leave, but at least you will walk away feeling loved

Now, I will say that we do clean, and we do organize, and we attempt to keep the house somewhat presentable. But, I know that we can do better, and I hope that we will all grow in this area.

My kids help me load the dishwasher (whenever I get around to doing dishes). They help me get the dirty clothes to the laundry room, and they help me get them back to their room (folding is an entirely different story). They love to vacuum. I sweep because they're the worst at this. They help pick up the outdoor toys. They sometimes even pick up their indoor toys. If you ever stop by our home, you will see unfinished projects, at least one laundry basket overflowing with clothes (clean or dirty, maybe both), books and toys everywhere, and probably a dish or two where they shouldn't be. But, there will be a place to sit, and we will give you coffee!

Ultimately, God bless this mess that is my life. 

What are some tips and tricks you can share with me and your fellow readers? Leave your ideas in the comment section (keep them simple, my kids are chore-illiterate). We will try a few of them and then give you and update in a month or two... or whenever I get around to it. 

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