Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog? What's that?

I don't know how to blog.  So I googled it.  This is what I found:

1)  The word blog is a contraction of "web log", a phrase not so commonly used these days. In the simplest definition of the term, then, a blog is a log of your thoughts, ideas, useful links, photos, videos, or the latest news.
2)  There is bound to be something that you are passionate about, that really motivates you, and that is in some way unique to you. That's where to begin your blog from.

There was A LOT more to the article than that, but I really didn't understand/care what the rest said.  This in itself helped me realize that point 1 can be easy if point 2 is true.  Considering that Brandon and I are passionate about the Lord, our church, our families, and our friends, I think we can do this.  But neither of us are really great about keeping logical thought patterns (as most of you know, haha), so... maybe... we can't.

Doesn't matter!  I think that there's enough random things in our life that we can keep everyone entertained at least once on a weekly basis =)  Or at least, that's our goal (not keeping you entertained, but being faithful enough to update this on a weekly basis).

So... here goes nothing!

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