Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iowa State Fair (Lots of fun pictures!) & Family Update

This last Sunday I got the pleasure of joining my mom and two younger sisters (Annie, 23, and Jamie, 12) at the fair, along with Asa.  It was so much fun!  We got there around noon, and mom and Jamie were already in the butterfly tent.  Jamie apparently had a butterfly that landed on her finger that was the size of her head!  My mom got a picture of it, but hasn't sent it to me, yet.  As soon as I get it, I will upload for you all to see! 
While we were waiting, Annie, Asa & I took the first picture of the day....
                                                             ^Annie, Asa, Molly^
After Mom and Jamie were done in the butterfly tent, Mom requested that she get her signature Pork Chop on a stick, and Jamie wanted to get a corndog (luckily the stands were next to each other).  The line for the pork chops was soooo long!  So we left Mom there and helped Jamie get her corndog.  While we were waiting, we took this fun pic...

                                                                  ^Jamie and Asa^
Asa was actually much more excited than his face shows.  He was so pumped that he didn't need mommy's help to get ino the hole.  After that, we went back and waited in line with my mom... we still had to wait for a while... but she got her pork chops!  Not only did she get her pork chop, but they offer a 6pack option, which she purchased, ha!  She cracks me up!

From there we decided to start walking around and see what there was to do.  We weren't far from the butter cow, so we went and got to see that.  It was really neat!  And this year, they also featured "Green Eggs and Ham" By Dr. Suess.  They had the mouse in the house, and the fox in the box, etc.  It was neat.  They also had the box on display incase anyone wanted to read it.  There was such a large crowd, though, and we couldn't get close enough to get a great picture or read the book.  But still very cool to see!

After that, we went and saw a kids magic show up the hill.  The magician hammered a 4 in nail into his nose!!!  SO GROSS!  Of course, all the boys in the audience (including Asa) thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and he invited them all up to see (Grandma Linda was nice enough to take Asa up there for me since I was very disgusted, ha!)...

                                 ^Grandma Linda and Asa.. and magician with nail STILL in his nose!^

Once we were done there, Jamie and I got our faces painted which was a lot of fun.  She got a peace sign, and I got a bumble bee.
THEN!  Asa discovered a sprinkler to play in (so did a bunch a kids).  I was nervous as first.  Not because he doesn't do well in water, I mean, the kids a fish!  But because I wasn't sure how well he would listen with such a large crowd, and if he would obey when I told him it was time to move on.  But, once again, he amazed me, he ran around and played and jumped, and even showed one little girl how to run through it really fast!  And when I had finally found the rest my feet needed and was ready to go, he got into his stroller without a peep!  Was completely ready for the next thing!  Here's a picture of him playing near one of the sprinklers...

And since he was such a good boy, my mom treated us to one of my favorite pasttimes... The Giant Slide.  I mean, really, what kid wouldn't want to go down this?  I used to get nervous about walking up so high when I was little, but always loved when my dad would ride along side me.  This time, it was me and Asa.  Of course, Mom and Jamie joined us.  Asa was so excited, he couldn't wait to get to the top of the slide!  Here's a great picture Annie got of all 4 of us coming down the slide...

 In the picture above, we're the last 3 to the right.  Going left to right, it's me and Asa on the same carpet, then Mom, then Jamie.  We all were laughing the whole way down.  It was so fun!  And Asa wanted to go again (ick, it's $2.50 per person per ride now!), but I told him he would have to wait until we got to do what everyone else wanted first.

I forgot to mention, on our way to the slide, we noticed this lady sitting on a bench.  I thought she was real at first, just really tan.  But then I looked closer, because she sure wasn't moving, and it turns out it was a wood sculpture.  Well, my sisters sure did tease me.  But then we had fun taking pictures with it!

We also ate A TON of food while we were there... Here's (to the best of my knowledge) a complete list of what the 5 of us consumed... Pork chops on sticks (2 of 6), Corndogs (2 reg, 1 footlong), Deep fried Oreos (6), Root Beers (4), Annie brought 2 bottles of water and a bottle of sweet tea, Cinnamon Roasted Cashews, Honey Lemonade, Rock Candy (2), Cheese Curds, Wonder Bar, Curly Fries, Walking Tacos (2), Doritos (Asa didn't want a walking taco), Cotton Candy... and... I could've sworn there was more... probably!  Not to mention, Asa and I had happy meals on the way there because we weren't looking to spend much money!  HA!  Here's a picture of us girls eating Curly Fries and Cheese Curds...
Mom and Jamie had to leave about 4 or 430, so that left Annie, Asa and I to do whatever.  We discovered "Snakes Alive" which is ... creepy... I mean, cool!  At least there was AC.  Asa really liked it, he was pointing all the different colored ones, and how long the were or how big they were.  But when we got to the end of the tour, you could take a picture with 2 HUGE pythons... and he chickened out.  Not saying that I would have, but had Asa wanted to, I think I could've found the courage to as well!
Then we went and saw all the BIG and little Horses, then the sheep and goats, then some pigs (including the Big Boar and his back up), then some cows.  ASA LOVES COWS!  I think this comes from visiting Brandons' Family's farm, which is a dairy farm.  Grandpa Terry lets him help feed the "calvies", and he always likes to go and see the big cows, too. 
Once we got done seeing all the farm animals, Annie reminded that there's a petting zoo at the front of the fair by the grandstand.  On our way there, we noticed some big fish tanks, and a few ponds with ducks.  So we stopped there and Asa was excited as always.  Then off to the petting zoo!  Asa did something that I know for sure, I've NEVER done... He took a Camel Ride...
He loved it!  After that, we went and got to feed Kangaroos, Goats, Jersey cows, and some other animals that I can't remember the names for.  This is what Asa (and myself) learned.  Kangaroos don't like the food that the people gave us... pretty much only the goats do.  The baby goats are soft.  The goats would rather eat out of the cup of food that you have, than your hand.  Very interesting.
One of our last stops for the evening... The National Gaurd tent.  Annie knew most of the people there, so it was nice to meet Soldiers who have serve our nation, and also have been to war.  It's hard to believe that most of them are younger than me!  I've never been out of America... let alone to war.  I'm very proud of what these men and women do.  My wonderful Husband, Sister Annie, Brother Jon, Heather Guck, and SOOOO many more, serve for right now.  And not to mention our vets, my Grandfather John (who has passed), and my Uncle Mike, and much more.  We are truly blessed to live in such a free country where we can express ourselves, and worship God openly without fear.  Here's Asa with his sweet new tattoo, and his new buddy who served over seas with some good friends of Aunt Annie.
After this, we pretty much just starting heading back to our car.  It was getting late, and Asa had been a good boy for a very long time (9 hours).  I didn't want to push my luck =).
Here's one last picture that Annie took sometime during the day (in between the magician and Asa getting a new panda bear pillow).

I thought it was so sweet of Asa.  He's always asking about his new baby brother. "When is he coming out?"  Or "where is my baby brother?"  Just very sweet.  He will, every so often, touch my tummy and say "that's my baby brother" very proudly.  But just as often as he does that, he also forgets that there is a baby in there and tries to play rough.  He settles down pretty fast though when I remind him.  He is going to be a great big brother.  He's been getting so good lately about trying new things, and sharing his toys, and even sharing the spotlight of attention.  He's been learning a lot lately, too.  I have to give thanks for his Grandma Sharleen.  She does such an amazing job teaching him new things, and keeping him focused, too.  It's great, and I think we may be able to start preschool next spring at this rate =)
ALL THAT BEING SAID!  I should probably wrap this up!  Sorry it's so long! 
Brandon has been gone doing his Annual Training for the Army Reserves in California all month, and is finally scheduled to come home next week!  Asa and I both very excited to have him come home!  He flys home Tuesday night, and then we catch a flight the very next morning to go and visit my brother in Seattle!  So, this is the late post until we get back August 31st. 
So, here's (I think) the last family picture that we had taken before Brandon left.  We went swimming at my dad's one weekend.  Always a fun time!

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