Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm so excited!  One of my closest friends just came home from a tour in Iraq.  Welcome Home Heather!  Oh, how we all missed you so much!

At the welcome home ceremony, a little less than half the people there, were there for Heather =)  That says a lot!  We had a huge banner for her :

It was simply wonderful!
As the troops walked in, Heather was one of the first, and I could see her face light up as soon as she saw the banner =)  That's what made me cry!  Seeing her beautiful smile for the first time in a year =)
I'm happy that the ceremony wasn't very long, because then we all got a chance to hug her and welcome her home.

Here's a picture of most of the group that was there, I couldn't get everyone in the pictures because 1) there were SO many of us, and 2) there were pillars and such in the way... but trust me! a lot of people came =)

After the ceremony, Heather (like always) invited people over to her house.  She's such a servant =)  Her whole family was there, and a lot of us friends went over, too.  It was great to be able to see her for more than just a few minutes, we got to spend the whole afternoon with her.  I think the best part was that she had so many questions for us!  We couldn't get a chance to ask her anything because she was asking question and question to get caught up =)  How I love her heart!



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