Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Brother & a New Haircut

Baby Brother continues to grow inside Mom's belly.  Big Brother, Asa, has been noticing that my belly moves when I say "Baby Brothers Awake".  This has prompted him to talk to Baby Brother and look at him through my belly button, as well as "play" with him.  Asa will go and get a toy and roll it around on my belly so that Baby Brother can play with toys, too.  It's actually really sweet and funny.
Anyway, we are in the process of helping Asa become the Big Brother he needs to be for when Baby Brother finally gets here.  He's been potty training, cleaning his room, helping Mommy cook meals, helping sweep the floors, helping with laundry (which is more of a hinderance, lol), AND he had to get a big boy haircut!  Here are some before and after pictures =)

What a hamball =)  Thank you Ashley Harvey for cutting Asa's hair!  He looks like such a big boy now!

Well, as we continue to prepare for Baby Brother's arrival, I find that there's more and more to do... but I get more and more tired each day.  I could really use some help, but honestly, I may just end up putting it off until after he's born when I'm home all the time and am not carrying around so much extra wait =)

Here's a picture I took last week (36 weeks) of my belly.  I had realized that I hadn't taken any... so... here's the first, lol, and I'm sure I'll post another one next week =)  37 down, 3 to go!

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