Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emmett and Titan

For all you Cat Lovers out there =)

For our first Valentine's Day, Brandon bought a cute fluffy kitty, and we named him Titan.
Titan has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He loves to cuddle and meow, and sleep on my head.

After we had Emmett, Titan didn't get as much attention, and I don't think he enjoyed the crying too much.
All that has seemed to change.

Titan spends his nights sleeping on my head (sometimes Brandon's if I'm up a lot with Emmett). 
Usually around 6 or 630am, Emmett wakes up to eat, so I pull him into bed with me, and we fall asleep afterwards.  This is what I normally find:

But as of the past few mornings, this is what I've found:

It's as if Titan knows that he shouldn't get right on top of him, but to sleep above his head (a courtesy he's never given Brandon or I). 
And truth be told, Emmett usually wakes up within an hour after I feed him, but with Titan he sleeps for an additional 2 hours!
I think they're going to be best buds!

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