Monday, January 9, 2012

Spending Time at the Farm

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As many of you know, Brandon grew up on a dairy farm in northeast Iowa.  Good ol' Dyersville.  The boys love to go and spend time there with Granpa Terry and Granma Nellie, so we try and visit every other month or so.  Here are some pictures from our trip there a few months ago (during harvest time).
There's a new Wind Farm a few miles from where Brandon's parents live, so Brandon and I went to see the windmills.

They are SOOOO BIG!

Emmett sits in his hairchair most of the time at the farm, but only because he eats so much while we're there =)

This is what he's doing the other half of the time =)

Asa is always building something.

We went to the Aquarium while we were up there, and the boys LOVED it!

Asa riding in the combine, he had so much fun!

What a little ham =)

Emmett and cousin Paolie

My boys love to wrestle, here's a small taste =)

Well that's all for now =)  We'll be visiting the farm in a few weeks again, and hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera!

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