Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Little Family Christmas

So this is only close to a month late, but I was finally able to get the pictures off my camera and onto my laptop.

This year for Christmas, Brandon and I both knew going into it, money was going to be a little tight.

But that didn't stop Brandon from surprising me at Thanksgiving with tickets to go see Wicked =)

We were also suppose to go to Spaghetti Works for dinner, but we had a hard time getting the boys settled at Grandma and Grandad's house.  But that still didn't stop Brandon from getting me my favorite fast food, Taco Johns!  Lol, we ended having such a great night, and we laughed a lot, and even ran into our friends, Ashley and Aubrey!  I love to go on dates like this with B, but it was a little expensive, and I would hope that he doesn't spend that much on every date =)

The next weekend (December 3rd & 4th), we travelled up to the farm to have Christmas with Brandons family.  It was a great weekend!  The girls (Janell, Jessi, Tracy, and Me) went out for a spa day, which included a pedicure and hot stone massage.  This was a my first hot stone massage, and I was not dissappointed.  I haven't felt that relaxed since my honeymoon!  We then got some lunch at Red Robin, which was great, lots of laughs with my in laws. 
After we got home, we cooked and had dinner, and then played BINGO!  Now, I play Bingo with my dad's side every year, and I'm kind of proud of myself for letting it rub on of the Deutmeyers =)  It was an interesting night to say the least.  Let's just say there was a "Cool Table" by the end of the night, and I was at it, lol.
The next morning, after chores, we got to open presents.  My boys have never been so spoiled!  I would show you pictures, but my camera battery was dead =(  Overall, we were greatly blessed by Brandon's family, so many wonderful gifts!  We had a hard time getting it all packed up in the van, and the boys have enough new toys to last them until next Christmas!

The following weekend (December 9th, 10th & 11th) was my Dad's "Thanksgiving" Game Night/ Art Auction, and Bake day with my sisters and mom.  This was a very eventful weekend, considering Brandon and I had just found out we were expecting Baby #3, and I was feeling the best... we ended up telling my side of the family.  We enjoyed the game night, and the Cousin Art Auction was a success!

Emmett made a Penguin with his foot =)
Asa worked really hard on this for a week =)
Both of my boys pieces of art were ideas off Pinterest, and both raised a lot of money!
Every year we do the Cousin Art Auction.  Each cousin is responsible for donating a work of art, and then we auction them off.  The money made is pooled all together, and divided evenly amongst all the cousins, and then at the end of the night, they draw names for the Cousin Secret Santa.  It's been a really fun tradition that started a few years ago, and we love to keep it going.

Then came Bake Day!  A tradition among the ladies in my family.  My mom gets all the ingredients, and "has" all the recipes, and we start really early, and finish really late.  But we make some really great goodies!  I had my first round of queasiness at lunch time with someone brought out Mayo for our burgers.... It went away pretty quick once they put the lid back on, lol.  Last year during bake day, I was giving birth, which is the only excuse to get out of bake day. 

The following weekend (December 17th & 18th) was Emmett's Birthday weekend!  It was such a fast year!  I'll do a seperate post on that!

The next weekend was officially CHRISTMAS!  My FAVORITE HOLIDAY!  Friday night was the Christmas Eve service at the DTC, and Brandon and I really enjoyed it.  Something about singing songs about Christ's birth really make me happy.  The next morning we got up with our boys and had our friend, Tabatha, join us for breakfast.  Then we opened presents!!!

I GOT A SKILLET!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Tabatha!

After our little family Christmas was over, we had Christmas dinner at my mom's.  My mom made Turkey with all the fixings, so so so so good!  As tradition, we read the story of Jesus' birth by candle light and then sang Silent Night.  Such a great tradition that really brings the true meaning of Christmas to light.  Then we opened PRESENTS!  Lol, Asa got a cowboy set, with amazing boots, hat and pistols.  It's his favorite toy!

Then came Faithwalkers.  I look forward to Faithwalkers every year.  But this year was very different.  We took both boys this year... and Brandon got called into work... and couldn't come until after dinner the 2nd to last night.  I still had a great time fellowshipping with friends while we were there, and it's so encouraging to hear what God is teaching other people.  But for next year, we might skip Faithwalkers, and have a mini one at our house instead.  We'll see how this year pans out with the new baby coming in August.

After Faithwalkers, was my dad's Christmas.  When it comes to my dad's Christmas, it's all about tradition.  And my tradition, I mean Bingo.  This was our 19th year of playing Bingo.  There were over 50 prizes.  And I'm really proud of Asa for bringing home one of the Kids Grand Prizes (FIRST PLACE BABY!).  But really, it's so much fun, and we all have our Bingo sayings "Don't stop B-11, Hold on to the Feeling" "I-20... You wish!"  etc.  This year there was a trophy to be handed out to the person who could come up with a new and orignal Bingo saying.  The trophy went to Val with "B-6y and I know it" (a take off of LMFAO "Sexy and I know it").  She had a lot of great ones this year, so I just couldn't compete.  So much fun, and I really look forward to next years 20th Bingo!!!!!!!  My dad is planning something really awesome, and I can't wait!

The next day was New Years =)  Brandon and I's 2nd Anniversary.  It's been a really fun 2 years, and I'm so happy the Lord brought Brandon into Asa and I's life.  I'm excited for the next 60some years.  We were going to go to 801 Chophouse, but with my morning sickness, I didn't feel like ruining the memory, so we went to HuHot instead, and saw a movie.  It was a fun, relaxing evening with my wonderful hubby =)

So, that's our "little" family Christmas!  God bless!

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