Wednesday, March 21, 2012

15 Months went waaaay to fast!

Emmett is officially 15 months old! 

It has been a really fun 15 months having Emmett as baby brother in our family.  Most of my readers know that Emmett has always been our rambuncious little peanut.  He was an early crawler, an early walker, and apparently now and early climber and jumper (he's been climing and jumping the past few months).  He is such a blessing to our little family.  Asa loves to have a little brother follow him around and copy what he does (most of the time), and Asa does such a great job playing with him and teaching him how to things like blow bubbles in the tub, or dunk your corndog in ketchup, or talking funny into a fan.

Emmett is finally out of the 10-15% range for weight and height, and is now in the 35-40%!  This makes us super happy.  He EATS ALL THE TIME!  I can't stop this kid from eating or muching or snacking!  He'll eat anything you put in front of him... except maybe lettuce... but everything else =)

He's really starting to point things out and try to make noises that sound similar to what we're saying, but not really any words yet.  I asked the doctor if this was normal (he only says 3 or 4 words), and he says when a kid has an older sibling, they tend to let that older sibling do all the talking, BUT they want to be where that sibling is all the time, hence the excelled motor skills.  I think this very much describes our boys!

I asked Brandon what his favorite memory of Emmett was, he said he loves how he won't just do a simple thing (like go down the slide), he always has to do it in a crazy way (try as hard as he can to climb up the slide in order to go down).  Also, there was one night where we were sitting on the couch after Emmett had gone to bed, and we hear a bottle hitting something... we peek through the door, and Emmett is running his bottle back and forth across the bars like he's in jail.  We got a good laugh in that night.  Brandon also said how Emmett chases the cat.  The cat will let this happen, always staying just enough ahead of Emmy.

It's hard to believe that it's already been 15 months, but again, we are so happy to have so many wonderful memories of our little boys.  Here are some fun pictures of our little peanut =)

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