Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26, 27, 28, 29....

Holy Smokes, I need to remember to post more often!

Today, I am 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant with the Twins!  I had a great OB appointment yesterday (Thank you Jenny for watching the boys!), where we started to discuss what the next 6 weeks will look like.  I have 3 ultrasounds lined up, another OB appointment, a NST (non stress test), and I hope Brandon will be able to be present for at least one of those.  At the next OB appointment we'll create our birthing plan, which I pray won't be a C-section.  They also told me the "minimums" that the girls can be in order to come home.  34 weeks & 5 lbs.  NO LESS.  Any less that either of those numbers, and they're in the NICU for at least 3 days.  I was really pleased with this last visit with Dr. Lehman, because I feel like we got some big answers to questions, and now we can SPECIFICALLY pray for things.

The girls finally have names!  You can thank my brother for that =)  I'm a huge stickler about names, and don't like to double up as much as I can.  As you can imagine, that's quite difficult with a large family and so many friends have babies.  To make matters worse, Brandon and I never agree on things of this nature to begin with.  So we found nicknames that we both liked, and waited to hear the name of our baby niece... who was born 2 weeks ago.  Her name is Nora, which I LOVE!!!! but there's a Nora already at the church, so it was off our list... but I'm THRILLED that I have a niece with that name!  We're not technically keeping our names secret, now that we've agreed, but I always get nervous that someone else will have a girl before ours and one of the names will be taken... which will send me back to the drawing board because of my very strange OCDness about doubling up names.

Emmett is more and more wild.  I've come to the conclusion that he will never half-heartedly do anything.  When he does something, it's with 110%.  There's always a new bruise or bloody lip or scraped knee, but a HUGE smile to go with!  He's definitely a brut, and lives up to his name (which means energetic/strength).  Here's my little blue eyed boy....

He just keeps growing up!  And he always wants to do what big brother is doing, which gets in into a LOT of trouble.

Speaking of big brother! Asa is so sweet! And handsome, and intelligent, and I can never get enough of this kid! We took him to the Omaha Zoo recently, and he knew the names of sooooo many animals without us having to tell him. And it wasn't just like "look, mom, a parrot!", oh no, it was "Mom!!! A Scarlet Macaw!" I mean really, this kid is in a league of his own! He never stops learning, and I absolutely love that quality about him. Here he is being the sweet goofball that I love...

A Special Thank you to Jenny Schreiner who let us come to the zoo with her, Owen and Eden, Owen who sweetly took pictures with Asa, Graham Gardner who took so super cute family pics, and the Lord who blessed me greatly with these two little boys!

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