Monday, June 4, 2012

Our day today

I thought I'd post the pictures first, because they're a lot more fun. 

Today, at our mom's memorization group, we recited 2/3 of the chapter we are currently working on.  This is a huge thing for me.  I'm horrible at memorizing.  I'm great at remember verses that really stick out to me, but a passage of scripture just because... that's too hard.  I'm really excited about getting to the end of the chapter and being able to recall it later from memory when the Lord needs me to.  2 Corinthians 4.  It's a good one to know!

But alas, I didn't sleep well last night so 6am was too early for me, and it set the tone for the day =(.  I feel like a hit a wall.  I was doing fine, and then all of a sudden yesterday and this morning I was SOOO exhausted.  Emmett decided 530am would be a great time to wake up too... but luckily I got him back in bed.  Asa got up at 630am, so there was no going back to bed for me at memo group.

They did have fun playing with each other though, and that's the 1st picture up above.  They were giggle boxes.  But me... I couldn't help but be grumpy.  Coffee didn't help either.  My poor boys, they just didn't need me to be in a bad mood, but I was =(  I felt like just a bad mommy... until Kathy texted me and saved the day.  "Splash Park" were the only words I needed to see.

I got the boys ready and a snack packed and got out the door.  We were at the splash park by 10am.  And it was a perfect day for it.  Emmett took a little while to get comfortable with the water, and Asa enjoyed it right away.  Quite a few of our friends were there, too, so it was great for my babes to spend some time away from me, and for me to get some more mom time in.  Once Emmett warmed up the water, there was no stopping the two of them, they LOVED it.  They love water anyway, lol. 

We left at lunch time, and I splurged and got McD's for Asa and I, Emmett was already passed out in the back seat.  This set the tone for the rest of the day.

Asa and I ate lunch, and then we ALL laid down.  Both boys napped for 3 hours, I did a QT and then napped for 2 hours.  When we all woke up, we were all in good moods.  We watched a movie, ate dinner, and then played outside.

Then bedtime came.  Emmett didn't want to lay down, but he did after about 20 minutes of fussing and hitting his window while I watered my garden and plants.  Asa went down easy.  And I finished my last load of laundry!  My mom and mom-in-law would be so proud =).

Then I thought I'd take a 30 week photo (see above), because quite a few moms at the splash park asked how far along I was and that I was "about ready to pop!", lol.  I suppose I do look big, but I have a reason =).  And since the day ended up 100% better than it started, I thought I'd have a nice late night snack, Brownies and Milk (see above).


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  1. Thanks for being real with us online here, Molly, and for showing us that not every day is a "beautiful Mommy" day.