Thursday, April 14, 2011

Late Late Late

Sorry this is so late!  Well, Baby Brother kept us waiting 10 extra days, so I just had to keep you waiting 4 extra months!

Emmett John Deutmeyer graced us with his presence Sunday, December 19th, 2010 at 7:42 pm.  He weighed in at 8lbs 15oz (almost a 9 pounder!), and 21 inches long.  He was so beautiful and healthy, and chunky!

Here's kind of the story behind the labor before I show you his super cute pictures =)
I was pretty bummed when Emmett didn't come out early or on time.  I was even more bummed the longer the midwives made me wait!  I remember being told "we probably won't let you go more than a week late".  So a week after he was due... he still wasn't, so I had to go back to the midwives, who them preformed a few tests on me, only to find out that he was happy to be in there and not wanting to come out!  I wasn't having regular contractions and my water certainly hadn't broke, so they sent me home =(.
That was a Wednesday (I was really hoping they'd induce me the following day, but alas, they didn't).  Thursday was normal.  Friday was normal.  Saturday is when everything started to change.  I remember waking up and not feeling him kick, usually he's pretty active in the morning, so this was different.  I drank juice to see if that would wake him up, and it did, so I wasn't too worried after that.  Took Asa over to his Grandma's and made plans to go last minute Christmas shopping with my sister.  On my way to pick her up, I realized that I couldn't feel him kick anymore.  In fact, I hadn't felt him kick since I drank juice earlier.  Weird.  So I called the midwife who was on-call for the weekend (Mrs. Susan Hernandez, I love her!), and she had me go to the hospital for a few more tests just to make sure baby was OK.  So, my sister came with me so I wouldn't be alone (Brandon was busy doing something... probably working on the DTC Gym floor).  Turns out I was starting to have some pretty regular contractions, they just weren't super strong yet, and he wasn't in stress at all, just getting ready to come out.  Susan was so sweet, she said "I don't know why they didn't just induce you a few days ago" =).  She sent me home with 2 plans in mind. 1) I'd be back later that night in labor ready to meet the new baby or 2) She'd induce me the following morning, Sunday.  She gave me a ton of tips (that I already knew because we had been trying everything) and told me go enjoy myself for the evening.
That night, my sister and Brandon and I went out for sushi, and then finished Christmas shopping at the mall (so that I could get in some major walking).  I could feel my contractions start to get stronger as the night when on, and when I went to bed that night, I was sure that I was going to wake up a few hours later in labor. 
No dice.  I woke up at 630am to get ready and go to the hospital to be induced.  All the nurses were so great, and we had a fun time waiting.  I was in my room ready to go at 730, and my nurse started to walk me through everything.  The midwife came in to check me out... and she found that baby's head was not fully engaged!  Which meant no breaking my water!  They started poticin around 10am, and finally at 3pm, baby's head was engaged.  At 330pm, they broke my water.  At 430pm, the anesthesiologist came in and informed me that if I was going to get an epidural, I'd have to make my mind up soon, because he was about to go in for a C-section, and wouldn't be available for a long while.  I prayed about it, because I knew that I wanted to try and go for it all by myself, but I'm a wimp, too.  Right after he left the room, I started to have some pretty intense contractions.  I couldn't believe how hard they got to breath through so quickly.  So I requested that he come back in and give me an epidural.  By 6pm, the epidural was in, and he kept it "light" upon my request and the midwifes request.  I wanted to be somewhat numb, but know what I was doing, and the midwife wanted me to be able to feel what was going on.  At 630pm, they gave me the OK to push! (too think I only would've had to wait another 30 mins!)  At 7pm... nothing yet.  At 730, I was told that the Doctor on call would be coming in to assess the situation since the baby seemed to be "stuck". At 735, she said "Let's try the forceps, and if they don't work, we'll go in for a C-section" (I DON'T WANT A C-SECTION).  So at 740pm, she got the forceps ready and in... and 2 mins and 3 pushes later, our beautiful baby boy was born!
I honestly didn't mind the forceps.  I'm happy the doctor knew what she was doing, and there was no damage.  Emmett only had a little bruise on his ear, too! 

I remember what Brandon was saying the whole time (he was repeating everything the midwife and nurses were saying), and it was perfect.  He was so great through it all, and really calm, which was very good for me since I tend to get anxious easily.

My midwife, Susan, was wonderful.  It was literally like having my mom there.  She told me how proud she was of me.  And continues to hug me every time she sees me now!

The first thing I said about our baby boy after he was born and I could see him was "oh my goodness!  he's so chunky!"  And I mean it!  He had so many rolls on him at first!

Okay, now to the pictures!

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