Saturday, January 21, 2012

My 11 Week Baby Bump!

Yay for Baby Bumps!  Pay close Attention to what you're looking at folks!

11 weeks already!
Look at that cutie!  It's almost like he/she is waving =)
Apparently, it's waving at this one ;)
Now believe me, I WAS SURPRISED!!!!!  Completely unexpected, but completely loved already!  Praise God for TWO very healthy babies!

We'll find out more at our next OB appointment, but what we do know for now, is that God is changing our lives drastically this year, lol!


  1. Okay, so I was thinking about this tonight... Those two babies look like they're in the same embryonic sac, right?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the same embryonic sac mean identical twins? And fraternal twins come in two separate sacs...? Because identical twins start as one egg that implants once; fraternal twins start as two eggs that implant separately... right? I could be so wrong, but... IDENTICAL twins?????!!! I secretly want identical twin girls. But Matt says that the Lord won't give them to me because He knows that I just want to conduct experiments on them. I'm just interested in the role that genetics plays into conduct. So be warned, if you are in fact having identical twins, protect them from me! :-)

    Did the doctor say what kind of twins they are?

    1. I think they are in seperate sacs. Once they discovered that it was twins, they were very interested in finding the membrane that seperated them. I know that they did find some sort of membrane, but everything was still so small and hard to read. So, we don't know yet! It's crazy! We might not know until March depending on when my new OB schedules the next ultrasound. But I'm just as curious as you! I want to know how it all works! And why (since it doesn't run in my family) did it happen to me? Some things I won't know until our good Lord tells me, but I REALLY want to know! I'll keep you posted for sure, Allie!

    2. Oh my gosh. Twins are so exciting to me! 1) Kayla Poucher told me that the average woman (regardless of twins in family history) will release two eggs in one month, about every thirteen months. Interesting. 2) Matt did a little research while I was freaking out about the possibility of identical twins, and he found that most identical twins end up in different sacs anyway. But they share a placenta, while fraternal twins don't. You probably know all of this already, but I thought I'd share. So exciting. Sorry to blow up your blog comments. I'm just excited!!!!!!!!

  2. TWINS!!!!!!! ya I had to say it on here too ;)