Wednesday, February 22, 2012

15 weeks and couting!

Holy Smokes.  I didn't know that 15 weeks pregnant with twins would change my life as much as it already has!

What life is like being 15 weeks pregnant with twins:  Everything takes more time.  I get physically exhausted quicker than I thought I would, so I sit down a lot while I'm getting ready.  Or I sit down on the floor to get Emmett ready instead of standing at the changing table.  I eat more... so that always takes up time =)

What I wasn't expecting:  the amazing amount of JOY I feel while in prayer with the Lord about expeanding my family.  the overwhelming amount of anxiety I feel when thinking about what life will be like when the twins come home.  the funny things Asa says when he speaks about the babies (He's hoping for brothers).  Losing 16 lbs!

I was able to meet my new OB today, Dr. Erin Lehman from Lakeview Medical.  Even though I went through the midwives, she was the one who delivered Emmett, so I was pretty excited when the midwives HIGHLY recommended her.  She is so sweet, and was very patient with me and my boys, and the millions of questions I had for her.

There are still a lot of questions unanswered, like "will I develope gestational diabetes?" "will I develope preeclampsia?" "will I have to go on bed rest?".  But there are a lot of questions that were answered.  "When will I deliver?" (Before July 16th) "Is there anything I need to worry about when it comes to my twins?" (Twin to Twin Transfer syndrome... but really nothing, as long as I stay healthy and take care of myself)  "Are they Identical?" (70% chance).  ETC.

I'm really excited because I get an ultrasound next Friday, March 2nd, and I'll be able to (most-likely) find out the genders of the babies.  I'll also be able to narrow down a more exact due date (40 weeks right now is somewhere between Aug 5th and Aug 12th).  I'll be able to see them is what I'm most excited about.  I want to see how they've grown.  I have Mono-Di twins, which means they share a placenta, but have seperate sacs to grow in, so, there could be a size difference, which will tell us what the next step is.

Here's my belly  ( you'll get pictures of the twins next week...)   =)

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